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Anil Srinivasan , Sikkil C.Gurucharan
Code SA496
Swathi's Sanskriti Series


1.Am I a toy in your hands - Naan Oru Vilayattu
Ragam: Navarasa Kanada
Talam: Adi
Composer: Papanasam Sivan
2.Longing -Akam
Ragam: Ragamalika
Talam: -
Composer: Akanaanuru
3.Honey Winged Gatherer - Kongu Thaer Vazhkai
Ragam: Kalyani
Talam: -
Composer: Kuruntokai
4.Like a Little Child - Chinnan Chiru Pen Pole
Ragam: Sindhubhairavi
Talam: Adi (Tisra)
Composer: Ulundurpettai Shanmugasundaram
5.The Origin of Origins - Naadavindu
Ragam: Senjurutti
Talam: Adi
Composer: Arunagirinathar
6.For All Time - Ekkalathilum
Ragam: Poorvikalyani
Talam: Adi
Composer: Tiruvarur Ramaswamy Pillai

Format: ACD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 12:48:54


Sikkil Gurcharan and Anil srinivasan

    Naan Oru Vilayattu - ("Am I a toy in your hands")
    Papanasam Sivan 8:30
    Akam - ("Longing")
    The Akanaanuru (400 poems) 9:50
    Kongu Thaer Vazhkai - ("Honey Winged Gatherer")
    Kuruntokai (Tamil Sangam) 5:30
    Chinnan Chiru Pen Pole - ("Like a Little Child")
    Ulundurpettai Shanmugasundaram 6:05
    Naadavindu - ("The Origin of Origins")
    Arunagirinathar 8:50
    Ekkalathilum - ("For All Time")
    Tiruvarur Ramaswamy Pillai 11:20

Voice : Sikkil Gurucharan
Piano : Anil Srinivasan
Khanjira : B S Purushotham
Bass : Dominique Di Piazza
Sound : Vedanth Bharadwaj
Celebrated young classical vocalist Sikkil Gurucharan and well-known classical pianist Anil Srinivasan teamed up two years ago to evolve a unique performance style. Part of their success lies in the seamless integration of two distinct classical grammars from both the South Indian and Western Classical traditions. They have managed to cultivate a very dedicated following in a short period of time and perform regularly both within and outside the country.

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